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Alliance for Nonprofit Management Alliance for Nonprofit Management

Improve the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations helping nonprofits and communities achieve positive social change. Visit site for related resources.

Drache Aptowitzer LLP Drache Aptowitzer LLP

Not-For Profits Should be Doing Some Strategic Thinking August 2014 Adam Aptowitzer Typically, because charities are subject to so much regulation and not-for-profits comparatively little, most focus from the sector tends to fall on the former. However, there are changes both recent and expected that not-for-profits should be planning for.

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An Essential Guide To Swot Analysis By Justin Gomer & Jackson Hil
SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, &
Threats. SWOT analysis is a methodological tool designed to help workers and
companies optimize performance, maximize potential, manage competition, and
minimize risk. SWOT is about making better decisions, both large and small. It
can help you determine the efficacy of something as small as introducing a new
product or service or something as large as a merger or acquisition. Again,
SWOT is a method that, once mastered, can only enhance performance.

Knowhow Nonprofit Knowhow Nonprofit

Stakeholder Analysis This comprehensive overview includes a downloadable power/interest matrix that plots stakeholder power on the vertical axis and stakeholder interest on the horizontal axis. Each stakeholder will fall into one of the zones within the matrix, determining the appropriate course of action. These zones are ‘monitor’, ‘keep satisfied’, ‘keep informed’ or ‘encourage and influence’...

Nonprofit Information Nonprofit Information

Are We There Yet? Five Stops Along A Nonprofit’s Journey Through Strategic Planning
It’s that time again. Your strategic plan is approaching its sell-by date, and it’s time to develop your organization’s new long-term goals. Where do you start?

Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Organization Needs a Strategic IT Plan
If you work or volunteer at any organization these days, chances are you rely on IT to get the job done.  Whether we’re talking about electronic communications, document creation and management, or more complex systems such as financial, grant management, donor relationship management, and human resources systems or even software specially designed for delivering or monitoring your program activities, IT is a pervasive part of your work life.  This reliance on information technology make it important to have a well thought out strategic plan for your IT department.

Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Quarterly

The Matrix Map: A Powerful Tool for Mission-Focused Nonprofits
The Matrix Map is a visual tool that plots all of the organization’s activities—not just its programs—into a single, compelling image. By illustrating the organization’s business model—through a picture of all activities and the financial and mission impact of each one—it supports genuinely strategic discussions… 

Tamarack Institute (National) Tamarack Institute (National)

A Collective Impact Tool: Building a Plan on A Page
Collective impact efforts are complex and challenging because there are so many moving parts. This presents a communications challenge. There are some emerging examples of collective impact efforts that have successfully synthesized their work to a Plan on a Page…

The Power of Possibilities The Power of Possibilities

Increasing Nonprofit Impact through Strategic Partnerships
Sometimes a singular focus on our missions causes nonprofit organizations to lose sight of how what we do fits into the bigger picture, how our work is impacted by the work of others, and how we might be limited by current resources, programs, or scale. And—importantly—we may not realize how our efforts could be accelerated and amplified by working together