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4 Actions Nonprofit Leaders Can Take To Transform Organizational Culture
Simply articulating new beliefs and values alone won’t change behaviors of staff. The experiences of executive directors and other senior leaders who have successfully shifted their cultures reveal a counterintuitive lesson: It takes concrete actions to shift an intangible force like organizational culture

Collective Impact Forum Collective Impact Forum

Don’t Talk to Me about "Driving" Social Change
If we want to exercise leadership in bringing about social change, our leadership task is really about facilitating the conditions within which others can make progress towards the goal. The leadership work of social change requires an ability to catalyze collective leadership in others - a form of leadership that Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton and I refer to in a new Stanford Social Innovation Review article as “System Leadership.”...

Daniel Lock Consulting Daniel Lock Consulting

Change Management Tools: The Complete List
What are the change management tools that move the game forward and get results?All you need to do is select from the suite of change management tools included in Daniel's blog. Using and understanding the suite of change management tools is an important component of driving and delivering change with minimal risk..

7 Part Email Course on “Introduction to Leading Change.”

Change Management Models: actionable ways to lead organisational change
A change management model is really a “mental model” of human behaviour and people adjust to change and transition. There are many models for change that have been published, with many overlapping concepts. This post examines a few of these. Use this guide to trigger ideas for what might be missing, the presence of which would make a difference, to your current or next change initiative...

What is change management: The Definitive Guide
Chapter Links
Chapter 1: What is change management
Chapter 2: How to cause change
Chapter 3: Managing resistance to change
Chapter 4: How to structure for lasting change

Evaluate for Change Evaluate for Change

Evaluate for Change’s data focused specialized certificate program is for social sector professionals. The 3-module course has been specially curated by their highly experienced faculty, and optimally designed to give individuals and organizations a strong foundation in the fields of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, as well as access to the right tools and resources need they need to succeed in this ever evolving 21st century as thought leaders, professionals, and consultants. The one (1) year certificate program has been carefully structured to bring enable you learn best practices in utilizing evaluation to improve your overall organizational outcomes, and boost their internal efficiency.

Free Management Library Free Management Library

Systems Thinking, Systems Tools and Chaos Theory
How we understand and successfully guide changes in ourselves, others and organization

Knowhow Nonprofit Knowhow Nonprofit

Managing change
ldeas and techniques for change management.

Lost Creek Press (Edmonton) Lost Creek Press (Edmonton)

Assessment Tools provide a clear picture of how well you and your organization are dealing with specific change related challenges

Mind Tools Mind Tools

The Change Curve -Accelerating Change, and Increasing Its Likelihood of Success
Use this tool to understand people's natural reactions to change, so that you can adapt to it more quickly
Quiz - How Good Are Your Change Management Skills?
Tool - Impact Analysis Identifying the Full Consequences of Change
Bridges' Transition Model Guiding People Through Change
Beckhard and Harris' Change Equation Overcoming Resistance
Learn how to identify possible problems with your communication strategy, so that you can better motivate people to change.

National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

An organizational change model to navigate change leaders, employee resistance and work-based identities. Hamilton, ON: McMaster University. This organizational change model can bring insight into employee resistance You have been tasked with implementing a new evidence-based program in your organization but you have already heard that some staff are resistant to adopting this new initiative, how can you address this?

Prosci Change Management Learning Center Prosci Change Management Learning Center

Tutorial - provides insights and data on the importance of change agility and how to begin building it in your organization.
How to Provide Context for Change Management
In brief: Many practitioners are faced with the challenge of building commitment and support for change management with their senior leaders and project teams. To gain the buy-in for change management that you need, you must present change management in the right context.
Change Management Job Description Tutorial
If you are looking to grow your organization's change management team, this tutorial will guide you in creating your own job description. If you are seeking a career in change management, you can learn what employers are looking for when hiring a change practitioner.
Change Management Job Roles And Titles
Research shows that the top trend in the field of change management is a greater recognition of the need for and value of change management. That growing recognition has manifested itself in a number of ways, including more positions and roles dedicated to change management. This tutorial from Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center presents benchmarking data and webinar results on the emergence of change management job roles.
Change Management Office: Benchmarking Data and Considerations
Module 3

Are you thinking about establishing a Change Management Office (CMO)? Learn what others are doing and discover key variables to consider
Project ECM - Adding intent and structure to "institutionalizing change management"
Institutionalizing Change Management - Moving from a project-by-project perspective toward organizational capabilities and competencies