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Alberta Government - New Resources For Lay Offs 2016 Alberta Government - New Resources For Lay Offs 2016

Alberta Learning Information Services

Thinking About Layoffs? What you need to know before letting people go This book is for employers, managers, supervisors and business owners who are considering layoffs.

Creating a New Future: The Job-Loss Workbook This book provides help to employees who have been laid off and are looking for support, advice, and tips to help get back on their feet.

Employment Termination Checklist

Carters Professional Corporation Carters Professional Corporation

Practical advice from one of Canada's leading nonprofit sector legal firms on how to carry out employee dismissals within the context of Canadian law.

Community Resource Exchange Community Resource Exchange

Sample personnel manual Use this sample personnel manual as a guide to setting up a personnel manual for your organization. Every nonprofit should have one. It should be distributed upon hire, and updated as needed.

My Board Member Wants to Work for me. What Should I Do?

Tips For Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Staff

Copedia Copedia

Offers a collection of policies and procedures, internal controls, manuals, forms, and templates. They download in MS Word and Excel for quick and easy customization. Copedia provides businesses, nonprofits, and consultants the tools, text, and framework for implementing an organized and integrated system of standard operating policies and procedures using templates
Sample Polices and Procedures and Free Trials
Demo some HR templates used to make an Employee ManualWage and Salary Policies
Employee Handbook Table of Contents
Safety Program Table of Contents Summary

HR Council for the Nonprofit HR Council for the Nonprofit

Getting the Right People: Orientation
Labour Market Information for the nonprofit sector: An investment in the future
How To Develop A Job Posting Includes information on attracting candidates, steps for developing the job posting, considerations for internet job postings and we’ve even provided a downloadable template that you can apply to your organization immediately. Management Standards – Second edition available (Human Resource Council) Throughout the HR Management Standards document or while making use of the online interactive tool, organizations will also find additional content in the standard details, implementation considerations and links to resource sections. These are changes that should better support employers in their understanding and use of the standards.

Keldar Leadership Solutions Keldar Leadership Solutions

ProfileXT® (PXT)
The PXT assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “job matching” feature of the PXT is unique, enabling you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform in a specific job. It is used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing, and strategic workforce planning.

Step One Survey® (SOS)
The SOSII is a brief pre-hire assessment that measures an individual’s basic work-related values. It is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process. This assessment provides valid insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse, and attitudes toward theft — including property, data, and time.

Miller Thompson Lawyers (National Offices) Miller Thompson Lawyers (National Offices)

Employer Compliance Measures Come to Canada Canada has joined the ranks of other countries such as the UK, the US, and Australia, in imposing compliance measures on employers who bring foreign workers to Canada. Effective April 1, 2011, employers must demonstrate compliance with new regulations for Canada’s temporary foreign worker program. These changes have been brought in to ensure the fair treatment of temporary foreign workers.

QualitySelect: QualitySelect:

Interactive online program that will help you develop custom screening tools for your nonprofit.

Service Canada Service Canada

Hiring Employees
This section will help employers develop comprehensive job descriptions and attract the job applicants that will best benefit their company.
•Job Analysis
•Writing Job Descriptions
•Screening and Interviewing Job Applicants
•Evaluating and Testing Job Applicants
•Employee Referrals

Tiny Pulse Tiny Pulse

How Nonprofits Can Squash Burnout and Retain Employees
Employees in the nonprofit sector often feel like Atlas carrying the world on their shoulders. They sacrifice pay for doing the work that they love. They often work overtime, handle new responsibilities, and ignore their personal well-being because of their mission-driven work.Unfortunately, passion for their work can’t always keep nonprofit employees in their jobs. According to the 2015 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, 27% of nonprofits reported that their inability to pay competitively was one of their biggest retention challenges. Other retention challenges included the inability to promote and excessive workloads. Here are a few helpful changes nonprofits can make to their retention strategy to reduce attrition and employee burnout.