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Aboriginal Human Resource Council Inclusion Works 12 Aboriginal Human Resource Council Inclusion Works 12

Video - Inclusion Works ’12
A must watch, emotionally charged and powerful piece showcasing Indigenous inclusion at work during Inclusion Works '12 in Edmonton.
Video - Inclusion Works ’12 Keynote Thought Leader:  John Ibbitson, Ottawa Bureau Chief, Globe and Mail
An in-depth look at how the Canadian economy is impacted, and will potentially be impacted by 2013, due to the changing population of Aboriginal Peoples and future immigrants (majority from the Asian Pacific).
New Indigenous Workplace Inclusion Assessment Tool
Provide keen insights about your organizational IQ and how your efforts are advancing or stalling your climb up our seven-stage Inclusion Continuum – an employer’s roadmap to an inclusive workplace

Alberta Human Rights Commission Alberta Human Rights Commission

Alberta Human Rights CommissionAlberta Human Rights Commission
In Alberta, Alberta Human Rights Act the protects Albertans from discrimination in certain areas based on specified grounds. The purpose of the Alberta Human Rights Act is to ensure that all Albertans are offered an equal opportunity to earn a living, find a place to live, and enjoy services customarily available to the public without discrimination. Find resources and materials related to diversity and human rights protection in Alberta..

am Training am Training

Diversity Exercise
This activity can be used with any group of people as a way of raising diversity issues in an amusing way

Canadian Language Benchmarks' Essential Skills Website Canadian Language Benchmarks' Essential Skills Website

A website created by the federal government to help sector councils, industry organizations, and workplaces to define occupational language requirements and to provide appropriate language training or development opportunities.

Child Welfare Information Gateway Child Welfare Information Gateway

Cultural Competence
Resources to help workers, agencies, and systems better understand and enhance their cultural competence. Includes information on working with children, youth, and families; disproportional representation of minority groups in the child welfare system; culturally competent services; training for child welfare staff; and the specific role of cultural competence in child maltreatment, out-of-home care, and adoption.

City of Edmonton Employee City of Edmonton Employee

Measuring Up Edmonton Toolkit. The purpose of the toolkit is to help with assessing and improving accessibility and inclusion in any environment. The information collected in the toolkit is for personal use to identify areas of potential improvement, or highlight existing efforts to be barrier free. The toolkit helps to raise awareness of universal design and enforce its affect on how we work, play and live

Denver Foundation Denver Foundation

Inclusive Project
The Denver Foundation's the Inclusiveness Project:A publication for nonprofits and funders.
Free tool to define inclusiveness and its benefits. The publication is also designed to assist organizations in preparing to do inclusiveness work; specifically, in understanding how to "Make the Case" for doing inclusiveness work within their own organization. It also includes highlights of research from the various reports the foundation has issued, as well as sector-wide data about inclusiveness. 

Drache Aptowitzer LLP Gender and Compensation Drache Aptowitzer LLP Gender and Compensation

Good For the Goose, Not Apparently for the Gander C. Yvonne Chenier, Q.C
For the last few years all registered Canadian charities have had to list compensation information on Schedule 3 of their T3010 registered charity information return. Not only is the total compensation amount for all employees shown, charities have had to list specific compensation information for the top ten positions in their organization. Using this information, and a bit of simple math, it is easy to see what the executives at Canadian charities are being paid.  What is good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander, if you follow what has recently led to the resignation of an MP from the conservative caucus over this issue. 

First Reference First Reference

For over 20 years, First Reference has helped businesses, non-profits and charities meet legal requirements and best practices for HR, payroll, accessibility, finance, accounting, governance, IT and more

Human Resources Advisor Special Report | Updated January 2018 Understanding Alberta’s updated employment and labour law By Yosie Saint-Cyr LL.B., Managing Editor, The Human Resources Advisor™

Respect In The Workplace Respect In The Workplace

Respect in the Workplace Program Respect in the Workplace (RIW) was developed to provide organizations with a bilingual and cost-effective harassment, bullying and discrimination solution for adult relationships.

Syntrio Syntrio

Discrimination Online Training Related to Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
Intended to promote lawful employment practices and foster a more respectful work environment

University of Calgary Faculty of Education University of Calgary Faculty of Education

Diversity Toolkit
Dr. Darren Lund and the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary presents a “Diversity Toolkit”. This site offers a variety of on-line resources, funding sources, glossaries, examples of projects, and selected readings to help you with you diversity related event or issue.