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Annie E. Casey Foundation Annie E. Casey Foundation

Executive Transition Monographs has been created by the Anne Casey Foundation in the US in response to recent research which indicates that many current nonprofit leaders intend to leave their roles over the next 5 to 10 years.
Building Leaderful Organizations: Succession Planning for Nonprofits”, highlights 3 ways to think about succession planning in your organization. Included in this publication (page 17) is a provocatively titled self-reflection tool for EDs called “Am I still the leader this agency needs?”
Guide - Founder Transitions: Creating Good Endings and New Beginnings: A Guide for Executive Directors and Boards Useful for boards facing the departure of a long-term leader.

Halogen Halogen

Succession Planning Templates

6 steps to creating a winning talent pool-based succession planning process Want to know how to create a winning succession planning process in your organization? Follow these six straightforward steps.

Succession planning templates Use this template to help you conduct a talent bench review and create a nine box grid for succession planning.

Leadership – Leadership –

Employee Exit Survey Tool - Exit surveys are a terrific way to learn firsthand from those who have chosen to work elsewhere just exactly what the organization could have done better that may have increased the chances of retaining the employee.
Succession Planning Tool - It's important for a business owner to ensure that there are highly qualified people in all positions, not just today, but tomorrow, next year, and years into the future.

Nonprofit Risk Management Center Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Succession Planning for [NOT] the CEO
This article explores succession planning for nonprofit leaders other than the CEO. Eureka moments often occur during our consulting engagements when nonprofit teams realize the CEO is one of many individuals whose departure could cause ‘transition trauma.’ Read on for inspiration for establishing a non-CEO succession planning process.

Emergency Succession Planning: A New Risk Management To Do Emergency Succession Planning: A New Risk Management To Do”
That perspective is being changed by the Washington, DC-based Center for Nonprofit Advancement. CNA has taken an important step to broaden the perspective by developing an Emergency Succession Plan Template. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center was pleased to be one of the organizations that lent a

Avoid Transition Trauma with a Succession Plan by Melanie Lockwood Herman and Erin Gloeckner
Succession planning can be a touchy subject. Members of a nonprofit board may fear the risk of insulting a CEO by suggesting the topic as an agenda item. Some CEOs may feel disinclined to raise the subject because it could send mixed signals about their intent to remain

Social Velocity Social Velocity

Kick Your Nonprofit Succession Plan to the Curb
It’s not enough to have a strong nonprofit executive director or CEO and to create a “succession plan” to guard against their eventual departure. Instead nonprofits need to develop a new approach to leadership that brings many people together to drive strategy.

University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration Program University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration Program

Leadership Transitions: How to Identify and Cultivate Effective Nonprofit Leaders for Tomorrow
Nonprofit organizations need leaders who can transition from one role to the next smoothly and adapt to coming changes. To prepare for future opportunities, nonprofits tap their staff and partners as sources with the best leadership capabilities. These leaders are expected to understand the nature of nonprofits and the range of services they provide. The terms that nonprofits manage, for example, extend beyond nonprofit foundations and charities to include philanthropy, social good, hospitals, schools and public services