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Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada

The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA) is the centre for excellence and innovation in Aboriginal finance and management.
Free Accounting Information also find  Quizzes and Puzzles fot Nonprofit Accounting.

Alberta Human Services Alberta Human Services

Child & Youth Services Staff Attraction Incentive Allowance
To assist child care programs in addressing difficulties to attract higher levels of certified staff, Staff Attraction Incentive Allowance is offered under the Alberta Child Care Accreditation Funding Program to staff certified as child development workers and supervisors.

Benefic (National Service) Benefic (National Service)

Benefic incorporates and registers Canadian charities, and helps them with maintenance and understanding of books and records, regulatory filings, administrative services, audits, and Canada Revenue Agency returns.

Bridgespan Group Bridgespan Group

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models
Money is a constant topic of conversation among nonprofit leaders: How much do we need? Where can we find it? Why isn’t there more of it? In tough economic times, these types of questions become more frequent and pressing. Unfortunately, the answers are not readily available. That’s because nonprofit leaders are much more sophisticated about creating programs than they are about funding their organizations, and philanthropists often struggle to understand the impact (and limitations) of their donations... 2016 Edition Top 10 Nonprofit Accounting Software Report
Tips and vendor lists to help you find the best Nonprofit Accounting software for your organization. Download the FREE report and discover which of the leading Nonprofit Accounting Software is right for you.

Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD) Canadian Association of the Deaf (CAD)

Video Available in Sign Language
Accounting Practises Registered
Charity Information Return
Gifts & Donations

Capterra Capterra

The Top 8 Free Accounting Software for Nonprofits
When you’re starting out fresh in the nonprofit sector, it can be hard to build the funds you need to function, especially when you’re selling an idea, not a product. As you build your organization, every incoming donation and outgoing expense has to be documented meticulously…

Community Forward Fund Community Forward Fund

The Community Forward Fund makes loans and arranges financing for Canadian nonprofits and charities. CFF is designed to address a gap in access to patient, working capital and bridge loans for the sector for small- and medium-sized organizations. Another important part of CFFAC’s management role is to provide financial advisory services and assessment tools and to improve financial skills within the borrower-organizations

Drache Aptowitzer LLP Drache Aptowitzer LLP

Do Your Subcontracting Agreements Adequately Allocate Risk? By: Sylvie Lalonde February 2018
When average Canadian taxpayers pay attention to the receipts issued to them by Canadian charities to which they have donated, it is probably for two reasons…

Drache Aptowitzer LLP Drache Aptowitzer LLP

Withholding July 2017
Charities spend a great deal of time and energy focusing on audits from the Charities Directorate. While this attention on the Directorate is justifiable it is important to recognize that charity regulation is only one function of the Canada Revenue Agency (the “CRA”) and that charities are answerable to the CRA for many of its activities. One particularly troublesome area seems to be the T4 habits of charities. Even where there is no issue with a specific expenditure on a particular individual for a charitable activity...


Who Signs the Organization's Cheques? By Arthur Drache 2012


eHow eHow

How to Compare Nonprofit Accounting Software Documents
Your nonprofit organization needs software designed not only to perform standard accounting functions, but also to meet the special requirements placed on not-for-profit organizations by governments at all levels. Before purchasing an accounting software package, do your due diligence and make sure it meets your particular needs and is not more than what you need.

Executive Service Corp Executive Service Corp

How Much in Reserve Funds Should Your Nonprofit Have? A reserve cushion can serve as an opportunity fund to meet new needs or capitalize on new opportunities that many arise...

First Reference First Reference

Finance and Accounting PolicyPro
Alberta - We offer a wide range of products and services to assist employers in Alberta with their strategic and day-to-day HR and payroll management needs.

Government of Canada Business and Industry Government of Canada Business and Industry

Workplace Training — Employer Information
Applies only to: Alberta If you are planning to hire new employees, you may be able to get a reimbursement for up to 70% of workplace training costs

Training-on-the-job program
Applies only to: Alberta - You may receive funding when you hire an employee who was injured on the job and who is unable to perform previous duties.

Harvard Business School Harvard Business School

Profits for Nonprofits: Earning Your Own Way As non-profit director Alfred Wise wondered aloud to the audience of students and managers: "Can we teach [the people we serve] the importance of being self-sufficient while not being self-sufficient ourselves?"...

Hilborn (Canadian) Hilborn (Canadian)

Complicated, confusing and costly consequences
Next to a charity's actual mission, filing the annual T3010 information return may be the most important thing a charity does in a year.

Knowhow Nonprofit Knowhow Nonprofit

Introduction to sustainable funding
This three part course will introduce you to the concept of sustainable funding and demonstrate how it can work for your organisation. You will learn about the main sources of income and their characteristics, and improve your knowledge of trends in the voluntary sector economy - and what that means for your organisation. You will also gain the skills to implement a more sustainable approach to funding in your work.

Funding and income: an overview
Information on funds and income streams from both a non profit and funder perspective.

How to generate income in a sustainable way for your non profit organisation.
Generating income is more than fundraising. It is about making your organisation sustainable by establishing a range of funding

LSA Global LSA Global

Building Smarter Budgets
According to executives, billions of dollars continue to be wasted annually on training. Executives want you to do things differently.

Management in the Not for Profit Organization Management in the Not for Profit Organization

Profits in Not for Profit Organizations
Dispelling some myths and misunderstandings about profits in not-for-profits.

Measurement Resources Measurement Resources

“Three Foundations for Successful Revenue Generation”
Explores the three foundations of revenue generating activities. When organizations focus on these activities, seeking significant financial partnerships (i.e. grants, donations, corporate sponsorships, social investment, etc.) become easier and more successful.

NetSuite NetSuite

NetSuite's unified business management solution,
Nonprofit organizations can manage their entire end-to-end operations with a single, flexible, and powerful business application—integrating accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM), financials and enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory management, Ecommerce and more.

Nonprofit Accounting Basics Nonprofit Accounting Basics

Provide some context and guidelines for excellent financial management practices in terms that nonprofit employees understand. Specifically designed with nonprofit employees and board members in mind

Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit Quarterly

Balancing the Mission Checkbook: Clearing Fuzzy Thinking about Nonprofit Reserves By Kate Barr | July 20, 2015 For most nonprofits, there are three primary purposes for having reserves...

Free Download: Executive guide with 8 essential steps on financial leadership

Nonprofit Risk Management Center Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Achieving Fiscal Fitness By John Gillespie
This year could be a make–or break–year for nonprofits of all sizes. Whether this is the year your organization plans to expand or transitions from treading water to gaining strength, it is imperative to take the time to assess your internal staff and procedures as well as conduct a

Financial Sustainability: The New Frontier By Melanie Herman and Jessica Say
Ensuring that adequate funds are available to support the mission of a nonprofit may be the ultimate challenge facing today’s nonprofit sector leaders. The clarion call to “diversify” an agency’s funding sources is often heard, but ultimately hard to achieve. Uncertainty about the ability of a nonprofit to finance


Excerpt Study Looks at Funder Culpability in Nonprofit Failure By Steve Dubb | April 23, 2018
Managing cash, of course, is a major challenge for all businesses—and certainly for nonprofits. This past week, Open Road released its Roadblock Analysis Report, which looks at all 102 groups from across the world that it has funded and asks an important question: “Why did the nonprofits we funded need cash flow assistance in the first place?”...

Online Revenue Sources Online Revenue Sources Every agency and professional has something valuable to share with others. While much of that is shared freely, there are aspects of that knowledge that could be shared for profit – which also enviably benefits the end user – children, youth & families. has put together a great overview of possible ways your organization could enhance revenue by making money from what you know

Fristgiving is tailored to the needs of the nonprofit, including customization and extensive reporting, they offer peer-to-peer fundraising pages, event fundraising and registration, and event ticketing with an integration with Eventbrite

Making Money With Google AdSense Get paid when people click ads on your website. It's free

Go FundMe An online fund seeking platform for Non-profits & charities

rightmix Marketing How to Do a Webinar Using Free or Inexpensive Tools Excellent overview of how to create webinars which can be an additional revenue source.

movavi Software for creating tutorials, video-based lessons, and video blog posts: Screen Capture Studio, which combines an all-purpose screen video capture program with a powerful yet easy-to-use video editor and an application for fast online sharing

eHow How to Set up an Amazon Widget on a Website If you run a website or a blog, setting up affiliate links with companies like Amazon, Google and eBay can be a great way to earn revenue

Spreadshirt Spreadshirt is a print on demand service that allows customers to create personalized merchandise (shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, mousepads, etc.) They create the merchandise and ship the products. All you do is provide the images and setup your store -- which is free.

Clickbank Affiliate Program Because the products are digital (ebooks, digital products, etc.), there are no distribution costs, so that's one reason Clickbank can afford to offer such a large share to their affiliates. Joining is easy and it's free. Just click the Sign-Up link from the top of the Clickbank homepage. Once your account has been created, you can begin promoting the products on your website

Social Enterprise Associates Social Enterprise Associates

Tip Sheet #12 Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start? Why & how to adopt new methods of generating revenues
This brief is for people in non-profits interested in new methods of generating revenue for organizations via earned income.The introductory guide Assists an organization, its leaders and staff to tackle social enterprise, forming a sequence of steps and an action plan

Non-Profit Earned Strategies Where to Start? Why and How to Adopt New Methods of Generating Revenue November 2013.

Tip Sheet #12 Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start? Why & how to adopt new methods of generating revenues This brief is for people in non-profits interested in new methods of generating revenue for organizations via earned income.The introductory guide Assists an organization, its leaders and staff to tackle social enterprise, forming a sequence of steps and an action plan.

Stanford Social Innovation Review Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Non Nonprofit: For-Profit Thinking for Nonprofit Success Quality nonprofits create benefits to society by addressing social problems, and virtually all the social benefits they create have monetary or economic value that can be identified and measured. A nonprofit that calculates this value can leverage its success into more effective fundraising, revenue generation, pay-for-performance relationships, and better ways of capitalizing growth.

Ten Nonprofit Funding Models
Finding Your Funding Model