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AdvanTec Information Systems CSM/MH -- Mental Health AdvanTec Information Systems CSM/MH -- Mental Health

Mental health services tools for case management, scheduling, quality and performance management, compliance tracking, and more. Providing fully integrated or stand alone Human services Practice Management tools: Case Management, Scheduling, Quality Management, Performance Management, Billing, Compliance Tracking, Program Management, Document Management, Meds Management, E-signature, HIPPA, Security, Clinical and Remote Access. Configured to your practice requirements enabling you to meet these challenges today and the flexibility to adapt as the needs change. Optional Electronic Billing and Accounting integration.

AdvocacyPro AdvocacyPro

Web-based case management solution for victim services, campus violence reporting, refugee services, and youth services.

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Astera Astera

Complex Data Integration Made Easy

Athena Software (Penelope Software System) - Canadian Athena Software (Penelope Software System) - Canadian

Dedicated to supporting human and social service organizations through Penelope, comprehensive enterprise level software system, outstanding implementation and support team and network of partners

Penelope Client Information Management Software has been successfully deployed around the world in a diversity of organizations, institutions and government departments providing a broad range of services.  Ask them to demonstrate how Penelope can work for you.

Penelope Client Information Management Software Highlights:
•Available as a Secure Online Hosted Service or for Installation on your Server
•Extensive Client Demographic and User-Configurable Information
•Streamlined and Customizable Intake / Client Registration Process
•Custom Document Creation / Form / Template Building Tools
•Custom Outcomes Instrument / Survey Building Tools
•Complete Accounts Receivables including x837/ EDI and CMS-1500 integration
•Wait-listing, Alerts and Reminders
•Custom Staff Home Pages
•Powerful Scheduling / Calendaring and Meeting / Event Management Features
•Custom Service Configurability
•Custom Staff Security Configurability
•Over 150 Reports with Data Export Capabilities via ODBC (to Excel, Access, Crystal. SAS, SPSS etc)
•Integrated Progress Notes
•Enables HIPAA Compliance

Better Impact Better Impact

Providing nonprofits, schools and municipalities with volunteer management databases. They offer a diverse team of people with skills and considerable experience in volunteer management, software development, training and customer service. From implementation through to ongoing member assistance, and then beyond into general support we provide in the volunteer sector, you will find us driven to help you accomplish your goals.

Blackbaud Blackbaud

Data Management Services - service bureau will partner with you to manage, coordinate, and execute short-term and recurring initiatives for fundraising database operations, direct marketing programs, and performance management – leaving your staff (or lack thereof) free to work on mission-critical objectives

Breakwater Designs ShareVision Initiative Breakwater Designs ShareVision Initiative

An initiative designed around the needs of agencies who advocate for people with developmental disabilities and their families, to ensure justice, rights and opportunities in all areas of their lives. ShareVision's aim is to simplify access to information for these organizations, while reducing the cost and complexity of maintaining it. The ShareVision Team Collaboration Environment is a collection of software and services to enable secure sharing of information among distributed workgroups using the Internet. Based upon Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services, ShareVision is a communication strategy, tool set and methodology for creating, managing and distributing information, and for connecting people with that information.

Cadence Solutions extendedReach Cadence Solutions extendedReach

An easy-to-use, affordable foster care case management system that your workers, support staff, and leadership will love! Built specifically for foster care agencies, extendedReach is an easy-to-use, affordable web-based case management system that your workers, support staff, staff will love! extendedReach organizes and shares all of the information and documents you need to track about children, families, and foster homes. Each of your staff has this information provided to them on their own personalized home page. Your foster homes can access the system too through a specialized foster home website.

Calgary Homeless Foundation Calgary Homeless Foundation

Locally-administered Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). This electronic database collects and securely stores information about Calgary’s homeless population. The HMIS is currently being implemented across Calgary’s System of Care. To date, 30 agencies are using HMIS to deliver more than 90 programs.

Capterra Capterra

CareWorks CareDirector Human services case management software for the aged and disabled.

ClientTrack Case management software for health, human and social services organizations including non-profits and government agencies

Casey Family Programs Signs of Safety Casey Family Programs Signs of Safety

With the launch of the Signs of Safety IT system, Signs of Safety consultants can now offer any child protection organization the forms, experience and IT partners that are needed to implement a Signs of Safety IT system for their agency. This will enable the agency to create the recording environment where workers are supported to practice using the Signs of Safety approach, and deliver an IT system that workers will want to use because it will help them carry out their direct work with families…

The Power of Partnership Video & Workbook: How to Use Signs of Safety in Child Protection


Child Trends Child Trends

A new video series for building an effective program
Aimed at nonprofit organizations offers an easy-to-understand introduction to collecting data to build effective programs. The series is intended for nonprofit staff interested in improving an existing program, building a new one, or establishing evidence of a program's effectiveness. It can also help nonprofit staff understand the steps and concepts involved in program evaluation.

ClientTrack ClientTrack

Case management software for health, human and social services organizations including non-profits and government agencies. The ClientTrack Care Coordination platform helps organizations track, manage, and report on high-need individuals, such as those who experience homelessness, complex medical conditions, and behavioral health issues. ClientTrack consists of advanced case management, an engagement portal, ad-hoc and pre-built reports, and data management tools. ClientTrack is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, ensuring the highest levels of security, privacy, and compliance.

Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation

The Evaluation Glossary App was developed by Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation. It combines over 600 terms related to evaluation, program planning, and research derived from various sources.

Book - A Short Primer on Innovative Evaluation Reporting
How engaging is your evaluation report? Do stakeholders actually read it? Will they remember the findings and act on your recommendations afterwards? Evaluators everywhere struggle with these questions. Unfortunately, many still use a lengthy, one-size fits all approach for reporting that doesn’t always meet the needs of diverse evaluation audiences

Creative Bloq Creative Bloq

The 36 best tools for data visualization
One of the best ways to get your message across is to use a visualization to quickly draw attention to the key messages, and by presenting data visually it's also possible to uncover surprising patterns and observations that wouldn't be apparent from looking at stats alone.

Curam Software (U.S & Canada) Curam Software (U.S & Canada)

"Cúram Software’s mission is to provide best-in-class, COTS-based enterprise solutions to social enterprises including human services, workforce solutions, and social security. Our solutions promote improved service delivery of needs-based and contribution-based programs and allow organizations to focus on client-outcomes."

DAIN: A CCR Data Tracking Database Domestic Abuse Intervention Network (DAIN) DAIN: A CCR Data Tracking Database Domestic Abuse Intervention Network (DAIN)

DAIN: A CCR Data Tracking Database Domestic Abuse Intervention Network (DAIN) is a Microsoft Access-based database program that assembles the information necessary to track and monitor domestic assault related cases in a coordinated community response to domestic violence.

Data Access Solutions Data Access Solutions

(American) An application service provider (ASP) specializing in web based software and database solutions for associations, non-profit organizations, manufacturers and sales representatives. Powerful and user-friendly, their web based applications improve internal efficiencies and reduce costs. They provide a turnkey solution which includes hosting services at our secure data center, daily backups and data encryption technology to insure that your data is always protected. They offer multiple software modules that include sophisticated features, yet are intuitively easy to use. A low monthly fee includes everything you need – software, hosting, upgrades and support.

Data Entry Outsourced Data Entry Outsourced

Data needs to be utilized effectively in order for a company to stay relevant, and Data Entry Outsourced’s (DEO) data processing services provide any business with the ability to manage, organize, and use their data without the aggravation of in house processing. However your particular company needs its data to be handled, DEO can produce an efficient database from any original source in the most efficient manner possible, with the quickest turnaround times and the most accurate results. DEO’s data processing ensures that information remains valuable by taking raw data and analyzing, sorting, organizing, interpreting, or preparing it for storage so it can be better managed by your business

FAF Software FAF Software

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Children’s Bureau is excited to announce that FAF Web tool is available in Canada and currently being used by the following agencies to facilitate the implementation of OBSD .
Hull Child and Family Services
McMan Youth Family and Community Services
Unlimited Potential Community Services
Grande Prairie Public School District

The Strengthening Families Approach to child abuse prevention and other human services is based on 5 protective factors that have been proven to promote healthy family life and contribute to parents' and children's well being.
  • FAF Software's assessment and service planning tools are centered on these same 5 factors. Click on the image to see how FAF captures them.
  • FAF's assessment consists of 8 primary factors and 59 sub-factors; 30 of the 59 sub-factors capture the Protective Factors.
  • FAF Software is research validated for both its validity (measures what it intends to measure) and its reliability (instrument consistency). Visit our library of research articles here.

Help strengthen families today. Get free tools in the 2018 Prevention Resource Guide. Chapter 1 describes approaches based on protective factors that reduce risk of child maltreatment & promote kids' healthy development.

FAF Web integrates the research-validated Family Assessment Form © tool with improved case management functions.  With FAF Web, case workers can track information from intake through contacts, service planning, and case closure.  Its service planning feature is an efficient tool for incorporating strengths and concerns into goals developed by case workers and families.  FAF Web meets all needs by tracking and reporting on data related to family functioning, service plans, contact notes, closing summaries, caseload reports, demographic reports, and a host of other evaluation functions.  The newest version of the FAF Web, has all the features of the original FAF Pro software integrated into a platform that users can connect with any time, from anywhere.   The Family Assessment Form (FAF) is the ideal tool for assessment and case management in the family services field is a practitioner developed, user-friendly tool designed to help child welfare and family support workers assess family functioning, develop meaningful service plans, monitor progress, and to assist agencies in measuring program outcomes. The FAF tool tracks, among others, clear indicators of child safety, child well-being, permanence, and family and community support and is the ideal tool for assessment and case management in the family services field. It is a state-of-the-art case management platform designed to support best-practice service planning, program improvement, evaluation, and reporting specifically for family strengthening and home visitation programs.. The newest version of the Family Assessment Form Software, FAF Web, has all the features of the original FAF Pro software integrated into a platform that users can connect with any time, from anywhere. To upgrade to FAF Web or to set up a webinar and discuss purchasing options, please contact: Kaya Okuniewski, FAF Program Manager, at


FAMCare Human Services FAMCare Human Services

Web-based, case, clinical, financial, training, and outcomes management are all key components of our world-class software suite, FAMCare. FAMCare improves social worker effectiveness, encourages collaboration with all relevant State, Court and local provider agencies, and measures, tracks and monitors your programs, staff and services to help you deliver a more community based, family-focused service system. FAMCare is configurable, easy to use and very scalable

Foothold Technology Foothold Technology

Foothold's software for Behavioral Health and Human Services is ideal for providers of services related to Mental Health, Alcohol & Substance Abuse, Homeless & Housing, Employment, Family, and more.

Form Router Form Router

Solutions for routing and data collection. FormRouter facilitates the routing of PDF, InfoPath, Excel, HTML, Flash, Word, ASP and ASP.NET forms between individuals filling in forms and those wanting to process the captured data.

Fresh Spectrum Fresh Spectrum

The Future of Data Visualization: Three Predictions

Generocity Generocity

Nonprofit evaluation should be purposeful, feasible and sustainable. Here’s why
Nonprofit leaders may have a good feeling about a training program they’re running or about how stakeholders are benefiting from their services, but often lack the data to support their intuitions. Unfortunately, organizations don’t typically have the necessary capacity and expertise to use data to improve their effectiveness and share their story.

Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review

Know the Difference Between Your Data and Your Metrics By Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin
Every baseball team has the same definition of success—winning the World Series—which requires one main asset, good players. But what makes a player good? Batting averages? RBIs? Using baseball as their analogy, Jeff Bladt and Bob Filbin from write about the difference between numbers and numbers that matter, and how organizations can identify metrics that are truly valuable to meeting their goals.

Imagine Canada Imagine Canada

Demystifying Data for the Charitable Sector This is a data primer. We want to break down the landscape and bring together some of the key definitions, classifications, and issues surrounding data. Our hope is that you’ll see how important data is to your organization and begin exploring new ways you can use it and talk about it. ..

Innovative Technology Solutions Innovative Technology Solutions

Nonprofit Solutions - specializing in working with nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit software is designed to be easy to use helping to make volunteer turnover as painless as possible while also providing the power necessary to report to donors and writing grant proposals.

Nonprofit Data Management Software - data management software is designed for nonprofit organizations with features such as contact management, communication history, fundraising and donor tracking, and built-in mass email functionality.

Mentoring Software Built in collaboration with multiple youth mentoring programs, our Innovative Mentoring Software is currently in use by 20+ organizations and has served youth mentoring programs big and small in California, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Washington D.C. Learn more about how Innovative Mentoring Software can serve your youth mentoring organization.

Custom Software Development - They also develop custom software applications for nonprofit organizations. Take a look at our custom software projects for more information on how we can meet your custom software requirements.


Intelex’s EHS Management Software Intelex’s EHS Management Software

Intelex’s EHS Management Software applications make it easy to manage, track and report your safety data.

NewOrg Management System (Florida) NewOrg Management System (Florida)

“We are tremendously satisfied with the customer service that we have received since we embarked on our journey to a new database”
Laurie PlouffeOperations  Manager Mill Woods Family Resource Centre

NewOrg Management System combines the data from all of your functional areas under one solution which makes for easy access and reporting becomes a snap. Use NewOrg to better manage Client, Service, Volunteer and Donor data while improving productivity, constituent communication, reducing administrative costs and reporting errors. NewOrg Management Systems -Mario Coryell – or at 866-843-2835 x707 Toll Free Office

Percent Change Calculator Percent Change Calculator

Percent Change Calculator
An excellent tool for analyzing data. You can easily determine the percentage change of two values without having to remember the formula by simply entering the two values into the calculator and it gives you the percentage change

Performance Reporting Performance Reporting

Logic Models – A Tool for Public Sector Performance Management
To ensure value is received for public dollars, it is now widely recognized that public programs must focus on identifying their intended benefits and impacts (outcomes) and measuring the extent to which these have been realized. It is also accepted that for organizations themselves to benefit from this process, there must also be a requirement to report on these measures, explaining variations from expected results and outlining how the organization plans to correct for this in the next cycle. And so the standard for today’s public programs is that their management practices will include four steps: planning results to be achieved, implementing activities to achieve them, measuring actual results and reporting how these results will be used to improve in the next cycle.

PolicyWise PolicyWise

The Child and Youth Data Laboratory (CYDL) is a joint initiative between PolicyWise for Children and Families and participating ministries in the Government of Alberta. The mandate of the CYDL is to link and analyse administrative data from Government ministries, to provide evidence for policy and program development.

SAGE (Secondary Analysis to Generate Evidence) is a collaborative data repository platform that connects stakeholders through secondary use of data. Research data, community service data, and administrative data related to health and social well-being is managed and shared through SAGE. SAGE increases the value of data by providing the infrastructure, processes and governance to bring stakeholders together to use data in new ways and inform social policy and practice.The SAGE team offers a broad array of services that support data management, secondary use of data and knowledge mobilization.

Policy Wise "Law & Governance of Secondary Data Use: Obligations of Not-For-Profit Organizations in Alberta"
The data-driven nature of society today involves the collection of significant, if not copious, amounts of information with the aims to share and re-use that data beyond the original purposes at collection. Not-for-profit organizations and registered charities (collectively, “NFPs”) are beginning to recognize the value of, and opportunities within, data especially in the social services sector. This paper presents the legal and governance issues for, and obligations of, NFPs when trying to harness a particular data-focused opportu­nity: the sharing and re-use of information beyond the service delivery directing collection

Presentation Process Presentation Process

Creative Ideas For Data Presentation
Throw away your excel sheets and PowerPoint files for your next data presentation. Engage your audience and capture their imagination using these 3 simple and creative ways to present data.

Schusterman Schusterman

The Data Playbook Provides the building blocks you need to put data to work for your mission. The Data Playbook is designed to help you make sense of the data you already have and to build upon it. In it, you will learn about what data you need; how best to collect it; how to analyze it to meet your needs; how to present it; and how to use it to inform your work and tell your story. Whether you are looking for guidance on how to build a post-program survey, initiate conversations about metrics at staff meetings, make charts in your reports more compelling or hire a data expert, this resource has something to offer.

Shah Software (Client Track Software) Shah Software (Client Track Software)

(American) The software solution that goes hand in hand with your information needs. A Single Centralized Client Intake handles all your clients and all your programs. A 'Built-in' tally sheet maintains all the necessary demographic information that go on your month-end un-duplicated count report Automated Client Income eligibility determination to all services. Track services provided to client in the current program year and also in previous program years.

SideKick SideKick

5 Nonprofit Database Software Challenges and How to Fix Them
Nonprofit database software can be technical and sophisticated. These attributes make it inherently complex, and its complexity can make it frustrating and challenging. Managing and maintaining and healthy software system requires an investment of time and resources. Whether you are a nonprofit software expert or a novice, effectively structuring your time and resources on tasks that promote the health and sustainability of your system can significantly reduce the challenges, frustrations, and headaches that are commonly felt by both end-users and administrators.....

Social Solutions (Efforts to Outcomes ETO) Social Solutions (Efforts to Outcomes ETO)

Social Solutions - One Year Later: Bosco Homes (Canada) Shares their Outcomes based Service Model

Human and Social Services Software
Social Solutions is a provider of human and social service software. Social Solutions was founded in 2000 by human service professionals, and has been the leading provider of performance management software ever since.

Outcomes (ETO™) software goes beyond case management by giving organizations a clear picture of which efforts are having the greatest impact on the social issues they strive to address. With this knowledge, government, private, and nonprofit firms can see what's working, adjust what isn't, and more easily report successes to key stakeholders. 


Stanford Social Innovation Review Stanford Social Innovation Review

Drowning in Data
In the frenzy over accountability, funders, donors, and the general public are calling for more program evaluation. But few understand evaluation well enough to conduct or bankroll high-quality studies. Without sufficient knowledge or funding, nonprofits are often collecting heaps of dubious data, at great cost to themselves and ultimately to the people they serve.
SSIR Blog looks at how using a Research and Development approach to evaluation can help organizations learn, innovate, and reach goals faster.


From Stories to Evidence: How Mining Data Can Promote Innovation in the Nonprofit Sector

Trac (Vancouver) Trac (Vancouver)

Focused on working with organizations to maximize the investment organizations have in their information assets and to ensure that those assets are protected. They specialize in bringing a complete set of skills necessary to successful implementation including planning, implementation of a records and information management program, business continuity, policy development, change management, technical specification and legal considerations

Vista Share (Outcome Tracker Software) Vista Share (Outcome Tracker Software)

(American) Outcome Tracker provides a full range of features for measuring client demographics, services, and outcomes, including:
Client and Family intake data ++
Multiple roles/programs per client Client outcomes ++
Case management, including unlimited fields and notes Referrals
One-to-one services ++
Training and other group services
Unlimited fields and notes for each service
Follow-up tasks for staff
Ability to report on any data
Standard reports, including outcome changes over time Flexible options for assigning security / permissions to users
Import data from a spreadsheet (optional module)

Wired Wired

Lost in Visualization: Creating Pictures Worth a Billion Words
(Wired) Data visualization is one of the hottest trends around, and with good reason. But with it’s prevalence comes the need for it to also be effective and impactful. Wired digs into data and data visualization to give you some key thoughts that will help you ensure that your use of them isn't for nothing