Summer and Camp Program Evaluation

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American Camp Association American Camp Association

Research Measurement Resources
Comprehensive measures have been developed and tested by ACA and are available for use by camp administrators, youth program personnel, researchers, and other interested professionals.

Why Evaluations are Awesome: Cool Tips for Using Camp Evaluations to Make the Good Better and the Better Best

Online Courses/Webinars
Creating Positive Youth Outcomes: Linking Camp Programs to Camper Outcomes Through Assessment


National Summer Learning Associations National Summer Learning Associations

Comprehensive Assessment of Summer Programs (CASP) Program has mission and vision statements that are grounded in the needs of its community and connected to a current strategic plan. Program sets annual goals for youth and for the organization that drive a continuous cycle of evaluation and quality improvement.

Sample Evaluations Sample Evaluations

Sample Camp Evaluation Form A camp evaluation form is a document which aims to gather opinions of campers regarding their experience at a particular camp. Such an appraisement form is an exercise in analysis and it involves studying the views of people and noting their approval and disapproval. Through such document, the strengths and weaknesses of the camp come to the fore and give an idea regarding the changes required.