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 Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence

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How many times have you suspected that the culture of a workgroup is directly or indirectly contributing to a toxic workplace, characterized by grievances, allegations of abuse or chronic conflict? Commonly, these types of situations tend to linger, requiring a constant infusion of Human Resource time and energy. If you have experienced this…you are probably not alone...

Albertas Workers Health Centre Albertas Workers Health Centre

Best Practice Guidelines Effective Worker Participation in Hazard Assessments Effective Worker Participation in Hazard Assessments
Participation by workers in the process of hazard identification, elimination and control is essential for effectively identifying and eliminating or reducing the workplace hazards that can lead to injury or illness. Alberta law requires employers to look for and fix hazard - do a hazard assessment - with worker participation. Studies show that effective worker participation leads to healthier and safer jobs and workplaces. These Guidelines are designed to promote effective and meaningful worker participation in hazard assessments. They are intended as a resource for Workers, Health and Safety Activists, and Employers. How To Use These Guidelines

The Guidelines contain 7 modules, and can be downloaded for print or used directly from the website or as a pdf on your computer or smartphone. They are available as a complete package, or as individual modules. Additional resources and tools are also available as separate downloads.

Best Practice Guidelines, complete package

Healthy Workplaces for Helping Professions Project Project Healthy Workplaces for Helping Professions Project Project

Health Risk Daily Assessment This tool provides a way for front-line staff to assess risks on a daily basis

Nonprofit Risk Management Center Nonprofit Risk Management Center

My Risk Assessment is a self-assessment tool that guides users through a series of questions about your risk management processes and specific risks that your nonprofit faces. After users complete one or more of the 13 modules discussing different risks, My Risk Assessment offers advice based on your self-assessment results in a custom report and executive summary. My Risk Assessment includes a risk ranking function that allows a team to collaborate to select and prioritize risks facing the organization. Risk ranking results are aggregated for review and discussion by your team.

My Risk Management Plan App
Want to show your stakeholders how your nonprofit team manages risk? My Risk Management Plan enables users to easily draft a custom risk management plan. You can share your Risk Management Plan as a Word document or PDFs, or return to the My Risk Management Plan app to store and edit your Plan virtually

School of Social Work University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work University of Pittsburgh

Topics Include
• How and why client violence is a critical issue for social workers and other human services
• Identification of key risk markers for violent behavior within three spheres:
• How to prepare oneself to ensure safety in both office and field settings