OHS Family/Intimate Partner Violence

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Focus on Family/Intimate Partner Violence and the Workplace

Occupational Health and Safety Teacher Resources Binder, Chapter 7, Psychosocial Hazards Great overview with resources of psychosocial hazards: fatigue and hours of work, technological changes, stress and critical incident stress, bullying, cyber bullying/harassment, workplace violence and abuse, working alone.

New rules mean safer workplaces | Alberta.ca'

Domestic violence leave | Alberta.ca

Family Violence and the Workplace Booklet

Domestic Violence Guideline 2008 - Alberta Justice

Bill 2, An Act to Remove Barriers for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence; Family Violence Death Review Committee Annual Report 2015-2016

Family Violence Hurts Everyone: A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta, Alberta Human Services 2013 Family violence affects the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual health of children and adults, and shatters the sense of well-being needed to thrive in life.

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Canada Red Cross Canada Red Cross

Downloadable Course - Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments for Organizations and Communities
Thee purpose of the Ten Steps course is to equip businesses, organizations and communities to manage risk by preventing and responding to violence, abuse and bullying proactively through a customized action plan.

Canadian Labour Congress Canadian Labour Congress

Domestic Violence at Work February 17, 2015
Canadian employers lose $77.9 million annually due to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence, and the costs, to individuals, families and society, go far beyond that. However, we know very little about the scope and impacts of this problem in Canada.

How does domestic violence impact people at work?
One in three workers have experienced domestic violence, and for many the violence follows them to work. Often abusers will try and prevent victims from getting to work, causing them to be late or to have to miss work. Abusers also may excessively call, email, or text victims while they are at work, come into the workplace, or stalk the victim.

Harassment, discrimination and domestic violence
Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are huge workplace stressors. Workers facing harassment and discrimination have increased stress and are more vulnerable to developing mental health issues.

Facing domestic violence shouldn’t mean losing your job December 2016
To mark December 6, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, Canada’s unions are calling on the federal, provincial and territorial governments to follow Manitoba’s lead by ensuring paid employment leave for victims of domestic violence.

Why do workplaces and unions need to be involved in domestic violence awareness?
One in three workers have been impacted by domestic violence at work and over 80 percent of victims report that their work was negatively affected. Poor work performance, difficulty concentrating on the job, lateness and missing work can leave victims vulnerable to discipline at work or job loss...

Healthy Workplaces for Helping Professions Project Healthy Workplaces for Helping Professions Project

Wellness Program Ideas for Your Workplace.  This infographic lists wellness program ideas suggested by participants of our Be a Wellness Leader Workshops. Any wellness initiatives must be developed based on and evaluated against the Five Wellness Pillars, following the Wellness Cycle.

The Healthy Workplaces Framework Infographic. 

The Healthy Helping Cycle  Healthy Helping Cycle This article explains the relationship between the process of client assistance and health and the growth of a vibrant, healthy organization.

Be a Wellness Leader Workshop Slides.  Take good notes

HR Professionals HR Professionals

When is domestic abuse and violence a workplace issue?
Domestic abuse and violence is a workplace issue when it occurs or spills over into the workplace. Domestic violence and abuse is a workplace issue when it actually occurs at the workplace. That means that the perpetrator has committed an act of violence or abuse at the work site against the victim and/or their coworkers. Further, domestic violence and abuse are workplace issues because they affect victims in various ways that impact their performance at work...

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN ) National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN )

Psychological First Aid Online
PFA online includes a 6-hour interactive course that puts the participant in the role of a provider in a post-disaster scene. This professionally-narrated course is for individuals new to disaster response who want to learn the core goals of PFA, as well as for seasoned practitioners who want a review. It features innovative activities, video demonstrations, and mentor tips from the nation’s trauma experts and survivors.

National Resource Center National Resource Center

Training Videos - Supervisors Can Make a Difference: The Workplace Impact of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking. This 20 minute training video, based on real-world experiences, demonstrates supportive and practical responses by supervisors to employees who experience domestic or sexual violence or stalking. These practices can help keep everyone in the workplace safe and productive. For more free resources, see www.workplacesrespond.org

Use this quiz to help start a conversation about the workplace impact of violence.

Safe and Together Institute Safe and Together Institute

Tools and processes for assessing progress toward becoming domestic violence-informed.The Safe & Together Institute has developed tools and processes to help child welfare agencies and communities assess their own progress toward becoming domestic violence-informed. The tools can be used in conjunction with each other or separately.

Domestic Violence-Informed E-Learning Courses

Domestic Violence-Informed Child Welfare Organizational Assessment
David Mandel & Associates has developed a group of tools and processes to help child welfare agencies and communities assess their own progress toward becoming domestic violence-informed.

Sage Journals Sage Journals

The Road to Psychological Safety, Legal, scientific and social foundations for a national standard for psychological safety in the workplace. Shain, M., Ian Arnold, and GermAnn, K. Mental Health Commission of Canada.
“Over the last 20 years there have been significant developments in both law and various scientific disciplines with regard to defining the need for, and characteristics of, what has been termed the psychologically safe workplace. A psychologically safe workplace, for these purposes, is defined as one that is the result of every reasonable effort being made to protect the mental health of employees. A psychologically safe workplace is one that allows no significant harm to employee mental health in negligent, reckless or intentional ways. This term is used to summarize trends in several branches of Canadian and English law including torts, contract, collective bargaining, human rights and occupational health and safety.

Research - Intimate Partner Violence and the Workplace Consequences and Disclosure

Slaw Legal Magazine Slaw Legal Magazine

Why Is Domestic Violence More Often Becoming a Workplace Responsibility?
It is understood that domestic violence has been known to effect employees at work in a number of ways; a recent study shows that the problem is widespread...

The Canadian Press The Canadian Press

A first in Alberta, union says new deal includes right to domestic violence leave John Cotter The Canadian Press Jan. 22, 2017 The first of its kind in Alberta, Rivercrest Care Centre workers who are victims of domestic violence can take paid leave for legal, medical and counselling appointments without fear of losing their jobs.

University of Calgary Family Law University of Calgary Family Law

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Western Centre For Research & Education On Violence Against Women & Children Western Centre For Research & Education On Violence Against Women & Children

Online Training Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

Infographics and information sheets aim to inform people of the many facets of domestic violence, including warning signs, as well as the ways in which people can help. These are meant for both personal use as well as in the workplace.

Primary, Secondary and Victim-Focused Domestic Violence Risk Factors

Safety Planning at Work

Domestic Violence Warning Signs for the Workplace.

Online Training Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Domestic Violence in workplaces
The online training program offered here will assist in preparing everyone in the workplace to not only recognize signs of domestic violence, but also how to respond and seek help when workers are experiencing domestic violence. These are key components of professional development for all members of any workplace environment. This four-part online training series includes: Introduction to Domestic Violence in the Workplace Understanding Domestic Violence Teach Everyone Warning Signs and Risk Factors Respond: SNCit to Start the Conversation Each training should take approximately 20 minutes. Upon completion of all four training modules and the evaluation, you will receive a certificate of completion.